Forestry Mulching

Forestry Mulching for the Lake City, Live Oak, and Gainesville, FL Area

Swamp Gator ULM uses heavy-duty equipment, such as a forestry mulcher, to clear away unwanted trees and foliage from your property in the Gainesville, Live Oak, and Lake City, FL areas. As the name implies, this machine leaves behind a fresh layer of mulch. This mulch helps to protect the property from erosion and offers a high nutrient content for the soil below.

This is a very ecologically friendly solution to land clearing, as it is much less disruptive than other methods. It’s also more efficient than using standard chainsaws or other heavy-duty machinery, as the mulcher removes stems and stumps in a swift motion. The ground can then be resurfaced with the machine, allowing it to be ready for whatever your site development plans may be.

Benefits of Forestry Mulching:

Manicured – A forestry mulcher is able to mulch more on a “plant to plant” basis; meaning that the landowner can choose what they would like mulched on a smaller scale. This makes for beautiful even layer of mulch for new vegetation to grow.

Control Erosion – The great thing about mulch is that it will help hold the soil in place around the root of trees and plants. This will essentially help the area from eroding from any heavy wind or rain.

Conservation – The overall process of forestry mulching is quick and easy. It delivers great results that will leave your land looking beautiful and the environment will thank you for it.

Equipment Needed – A forestry mulcher is the only piece of equipment needed. This is why forestry mulching is great! You don’t need to have trucks, excavators, or grinders to accomplish the job.

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